80 Easy Research Paper Topics

topics for a research paper

The most important thing you have to do when writing a research paper, is to choose an interesting subject. You can find a broad subject that is interesting to you to write about, and then to narrow it down. During writing your work, you can use various sources for your research, such as books, magazines, newspapers, web sites on Internet, etc. We suggest reading our list of research paper topics to find the right subject for your future work.

  1. Why people need to get married and feel bad living on their own?
  2. Is it difficult for a lonely woman with a child to find a good partner?
  3. What are top 10 jobs for future?
  4. How robots going to replace people in some jobs in the future?
  5. Why it’s important for children to play in competitive sports?
  6. Which kinds of sports should be added to Olympic Games?
  7. Why people become serial killers?
  8. What causes people to be violent?
  9. How to prevent terrorism in the future?
  10. How does marriage change people and why?
  11. Is it good for women to use birth control pills?
  12. What causes parents to punish their children even for small issues?
  13. How to build a strong economy of any country?
  14. Why sports are so important for people’s life?
  15. Ow to prevent teenagers from being involved in drugs and alcohol?
  16. Do TV reality shows affect people in a good way?
  17. Can 3D printing be used for creating replacement organs for people, such as heart, liver, lunges, etc.?
  18. Advantages and disadvantages of home studying.
  19. Are modern children being more socialized and smarter thanks to the Internet compared to children of past?
  20. How alcohol addiction affects human health?
  21. Why some people get sleep disorders and how they could be treated?
  22. Benefits of swimming and how it affects human body.
  23. The connection between emotional stability and success.
  24. Why women and men use different body language in communication?
  25. Advantages and disadvantages of studying in boys-only and girls-only schools.
  26. Why people get infected HIV and how they could be treated?
  27. Why we shouldn’t use animals for testing in science.
  28. How to secure private information on the Internet.
  29. Is it totally safe to buy things online?
  30. Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery.
  31. Should marijuana be legalized to use in all countries?
  32. How to prevent water pollution?
  33. Why climate is changing and how to prevent it?
  34. How to raise children in family harmony?
  35. How to prevent and avoid domestic abuse?
  36. USA and European Union: will this competition be ended?
  37. Is there a way to heal a gambler from being addictive?
  38. Should marriages between couples of the same sex be legalized over the world?
  39. Should lotteries be banned by a government?
  40. What were the main reasons of falling the Roman Empire?
  41. How to help a smoker quit?
  42. Should “no-smoking zones” placed all over the town?
  43. Is there any kind of life on Mars?
  44. Why do some people need more sleep than others?
  45. Why dinosaurs are disappeared from our planet?
  46. Who did invent the first skateboard?
  47. How computer viruses affect computers and how to avoid them?
  48. How we can protect wild animals?
  49. Why children should be vaccinated?
  50. What are the main psychological disorders and how is it possible to treat them?
  51. Why is it so important to get high grades in high school?
  52. How to avoid unwanted mail and spam?
  53. How do violent video games affect people?
  54. Is it possible to cure the depression without meds?
  55. How movies and TV shows affect teenagers?
  56. What was a role of Julius Caesar in Roman Empire?
  57. Do lie detectors always work correct or they could lie?
  58. How the tornado forms and how to survive from it?
  59. How does a hybrid car work?
  60. How we can protect our planet and make it green?
  61. How people get their bad habits and how to avoid this?
  62. Does optimism gene exist?
  63. How to solve conflicts between children and parents?
  64. The impact of art and music on our brain.
  65. How can schools make students motivated to study?
  66. How to avoid emotional distress and stay calm and happy?
  67. Seven techniques to avoid panic attacks.
  68. Do you believe in your dreams?
  69. How the Internet affects people mental health?
  70. Why so many people are easily to manipulate?
  71. Is a pound of feathers and a pound of a lead really weight the same?
  72. Who does taste cat food and say it’s so much yummy for your pet?
  73. Ten ways to erase bad memories from your head.
  74. Four methods to stop hiccup.
  75. What causes people commit suicide?
  76. Love between a human and robot: is it possible in the future?
  77. Is the result of IQ test precious?
  78. How mass media affect people life?
  79. The future of online business.
  80. How conflicts between workers and boss can be easily solved?

Choosing topics for a research paper and getting help in writing

So, you already read a list of good research paper topics we’ve offered to you and chose an interesting subject for writing, but now you feel stuck how to start your paper? Don’t panic because even if you have not enough time to spend on writing or your skills are not good enough to make a quality paper, you can solve this problem quite easily. Choose a reliable writing service that will help you to create a perfect paper at a reasonable price, and get a successful and professional work in time.

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