70 Ideas of Social Psychology Topics to Make an Impressive Work

psychology research topics

If you’re a student of psychology, you would be required to write psychology research papers quite often. When you are looking for a good subject for your psychology paper, it can be quite difficult to choose an interesting idea that will hook the readers and impress your professor. Remember you should pick up a broad subject and then narrow it to focus on it well. Never try to write about those things you are not interesting in because you will risk making your work sound very uninteresting and boring. In this article we offer reading a list of interesting psychology topics that will help you to get a bright idea about your future paper.

  1. What reasons cause depression?
  2. How stress can be a reason of illness.
  3. How does our memory work? What’s short and long time memory?
  4. How often divorce causes depression?
  5. How to avoid depression to a woman after childbirth?
  6. How hypnosis could help in healing depression.
  7. Why some people get divorced after a year of marriage when others live together for entire life?
  8. How our phobias affect our personality?
  9. Why people have different sorts of phobias? Is it a disease?
  10. How is it possible to avoid bad habits?
  11. Why people are born introverts or extroverts? What does define this?
  12. Is it any successful treatment for schizophrenia?
  13. How attachment theory affects relationships?
  14. What makes people anxious?
  15. Why people have dreams and why not all people remember them well?
  16. How the Internet affects people psychology health?
  17. What mechanism causes drug and alcohol addiction?
  18. What are the main strategies of manipulating people?
  19. Why some people fear to be happy?
  20. What causes eating disorders and how to avoid them?
  21. How anxiety disorders develop and what they can lead to?
  22. How intimate relationships affect our psychological health?
  23. Why so many young people have mental health problems?
  24. What causes Alzheimer’s disease and how to treat it?
  25. How to overcome insecurity and become more confident and brave?
  26. 5 things that could make introverts good leaders.
  27. How words affect our brain.
  28. How to be a better communicator and understand people?
  29. Why most of the women fall for bad men?
  30. What is the process of love for our brain?
  31. How to make a good motivation for students that are depressed about studying?
  32. Top of 5 things not to say to yourself.
  33. 10 reasons you are addicted to someone, but not in love.
  34. How to love yourself but not to be an egoist?
  35. Why some depressed people are able to commit suicide?
  36. Does meditation help to relax?
  37. What causes bad sleep at nights and how to avoid it?
  38. How to spot an egoist in the crowd?
  39. 10 signs that show you are in healthy relationship.
  40. 6 things you never should tell to your partner.
  41. 10 things that irritate people the most.
  42. The way from pessimist to optimist.
  43. What causes children bully in school?
  44. Why do some people love children and want to have many of them when others decide to choose a child-free way?
  45. How does our mental health affect our appetite?
  46. Is it more productive for people to work in groups or alone, and why?
  47. Why people get a feeling of guilt when they are not guilty?
  48. What’s the nature of human sexuality?
  49. Why some people born to be leaders when others only can fulfill orders?
  50. What social structure have prisons?
  51. How do pets affect human health and mood?
  52. Why some people become serial killers?
  53. What socio-psychological reasons can cause violence?
  54. Why is it important for psychologist to work with military people?
  55. How mass media affects people?
  56. What are psychological reasons of people to immigrate to another country?
  57. What successful relationships are based at?
  58. What are psychological reasons for some young people to join gangs?
  59. What are main social needs of any person?
  60. Why people have various sense of time depends on the situation?
  61. What are main reasons that cause bipolar disorder?
  62. How to overcome traumatic stress of children?
  63. Why kids get depressed and how to define your child have got a depression?
  64. What can you say about a person seeing their profile on Facebook?
  65. Why some people are so addicted to social networks?
  66. What socio-psychological reasons cause Internet addition?
  67. Why are there so many people in USA have mental disorders?
  68. Is it good even for a healthy person to visit a psychologist?
  69. Is online psychotherapy being that effective?
  70. The best way to prevent panic disorders.

Choosing from social psychology research topics and getting help in writing

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