70 Bright Essay Topics for Highschool

highschool essay topics

If you are a high school student, you probably have to make essays very often. When you are going to start your work, the first important step is choosing a good topic. Needless to say that if you’d choose a bright and quite interesting subject, you will get a high grade. And in opposite, if the subject you are writing about is not interesting to you at all, or you are not very familiar with this, then you definitely have very low chances to impress readers. In this article we offer you 70 ideas of essay topics for highschool that will help you to start your paper.

  1. How video games can be addictive?
  2. Why do teenagers always idolize celebrities?
  3. Should school forbid using smartphones to teenagers in school?
  4. Is it good to post negative comments online (on social networks or on web sites)?
  5. Should teenagers be allowed to smoke?
  6. Is it cool to wear glasses in school?
  7. What kind of rules parents should set for teenagers, and should they set such rules at all?
  8. Should teenagers be asked with whom they want to live if their parents are going to divorce?
  9. Is it good for a teenager to work to support their family?
  10. Is it enough for a father of a teenager just to make good money, or he should do something else to care for a child?
  11. How can grandchildren help and support their grandparents?
  12. Ten important skills every parent should teach a teenager.
  13. Why high school students hate housework?
  14. What are the best places for teenagers to hang out?
  15. Should parents discuss such subjects as dating and sex with their children?
  16. Is it good to have your parents as your best friends?
  17. What important thing should a mother give to her teen?
  18. What important thing should a father give to his teen?
  19. Why it’s so much important to study for people?
  20. Is dress code a good thing in high schools?
  21. Would it be better for studying if all students were allowed to have tablets on lessons?
  22. Should a student pass a test before graduating?
  23. Is it better for students to have individual tasks or work together on a project?
  24. Are such classes like music and art important for high school students?
  25. How different competitions in high school can help students in their future?
  26. Is it important for a student not only to studying, but to participate in activities (football, art, theater, music band, etc.)?
  27. Should schools start their lessons later?
  28. What are advantages and disadvantages of a teenager that has a job?
  29. How to avoid teenagers to be pressured to use alcohol and drugs?
  30. How to keep a balance between studying and job?
  31. Why teen girls are always so worried about their weight?
  32. Why teenagers have so big conflicts with their parents?
  33. What stresses teenagers mostly?
  34. Do parents always understand teenagers’ problems?
  35. Should all schools have a psychologist to talk with teenagers about their problems?
  36. Why some people have a pile of friends in high school, when others stay alone and closed from others?
  37. How problems in family affect teenagers?
  38. Why it could be a huge problem for a teenager to move from one school to another?
  39. Should parents feel safe sending their teens to summer camps?
  40. Why are so many teenagers join gangs?
  41. Why do some teenagers try to commit suicide?
  42. Why are so many teenagers so much aggressive?
  43. Do all teenagers want to be alike their parents?
  44. Why are so many teenagers have psychological disorders?
  45. What problems teenager have in school, apart from studying?
  46. Why are so many teens are nervous a lot about pimples and acne?
  47. Should high school students be involved to learn a foreign language?
  48. Why some teenagers have eating disorder and where it can lead?
  49. What modern teenagers think about religion?
  50. Can learning problems cause an insomnia?
  51. Is it possible to make good friends in public high school?
  52. If there a way to prevent teenagers join bad gangs?
  53. Is it normal to date in a high school?
  54. Should teenagers to participate in sports events apart from studying?
  55. How does studying and participating in sports and activities can learn teens to plan their time?
  56. Should teachers help teens in solving their personal problems?
  57. Why do so many teens hate school uniform?
  58. How much money parents should give to teenagers?
  59. Should teenagers be allowed to work?
  60. Should teenagers who want to make a tattoo, be allowed for this by their parents?
  61. Is it normal for teenagers to spend a lot of time in social networks?
  62. Do teenagers prefer to talk on phone or to text to their friends?
  63. How to prevent teens from using drugs?
  64. Should schools have lessons of sex education to tell students about birth control and abortions?
  65. What influence teenagers the most?
  66. Is it normal for parents set a dress code for their teens?
  67. Should teenagers inform their parents with whom they are dating?
  68. How grandparents influence teenagers?
  69. Is it possible studying in a high school having a baby?
  70. How modern technologies affect teenagers?

Help in writing a highschool essay

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