100 of Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

100 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Facing the challenge to write an academic paper based on two objects’ or ideas’ comparison? It might be not the only trouble for you. First of all, you need to find some topics for compare and contrast essays – let’s find out how this can be done most effectively.

How to Find Good Compare and Contrast Topics

If you think that the most difficult task is to compose a coherent and logical comparison of two subjects, you underestimate the meaning of a topic’s choice. A contrast and compare paperwork is a kind of written article aimed to show advantages and disadvantages of some ideas and concepts as opposed to each other. It is crucial to find a theme that will fit your preferences and audience’s tendencies. The best compare and contrast essay topics are to be surprising, trending, and eye-catching. It is much more recommended to analyze subjects that have some distinct differences than to consider a couple of identical notions with slight distinctions. Your themes can be similar but not the same or almost opposite.

It is not as challenging to compose a compare and contrast paper as you may think. An outline of the work has three main paragraphs. The first one is the introduction part that gives a thesis statement and some backgrounds to an issue. The second one is the body section that describes similarities and odds of subjects discussed. Here you write detailed information supporting the contrast. The last section is the conclusion that restates your thesis statement and sums the results of your evaluation.

You will compose your article quickly and well if you choose a subject for it on time.

Examples of Interesting Compare and Contrast Topics

We enumerate a hundred of exciting subjects for your comparative writing. Hence, you may find the appropriate one to begin your article.

  1. Vermin vs. Herbivorous Animals
  2. To Learn or not to Learn?
  3. Movies vs. Reality
  4. Books vs. Films
  5. Samsung vs. Apple
  6. Feminism vs. Sexism
  7. A Comparison between Nuclear and Massive Bombs
  8. Heroes vs. Villains
  9. Laziness vs. Productivity
  10. Differences between Right and Wrong
  11. Winter vs. Summer
  12. Beethoven vs. Mozart
  13. Nicola Tesla vs. Michael Faraday
  14. Angels and Demons
  15. Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  16. Marvel vs. DC
  17. Russian Emperors vs. European Kings
  18. Heaven and Hell
  19. Music vs. Art
  20. Differences between a Deductive and Inductive Method
  21. Direct Meaning vs. Figurative One
  22. My Childhood vs. My Adult Life
  23. School vs. College Study
  24. Capitalism and Communism
  25. Black Holes and Wormholes
  26. Football vs. Hockey
  27. Classical Music and Popular Songs
  28. 24 Hours’ Education vs. Home Education System
  29. Antagonists and Protagonists
  30. Banknotes and Coins
  31. Dracula vs. Frankenstein
  32. Physics vs. Chemistry
  33. Left and Right Hemispheres
  34. Emotions and Common Sense
  35. Advantages and Disadvantages of Air and Surface Trips
  36. How to Become Rich vs. How to Help Other People
  37. Catholics vs. Orthodox Christians
  38. Love vs. Hate
  39. Plants and Trees.
  40. Today’s Cars vs. Concept Cars
  41. Drums and Guitars
  42. Direct and Indirect Speech
  43. Butterflies vs. Moths
  44. RNA vs. DNA
  45. Vacations vs. Work Time
  46. Large cities vs. Small Towns
  47. Left-Handed and Right-Handed Individuals
  48. Stephen King vs. Howard Lovecraft
  49. Bicycles vs. Cars
  50. Men and Women
  51. Top Pressure vs. Lower Pressure
  52. Strings and Pipes
  53. Cats and Dogs
  54. Arachnids vs. Arthropods
  55. Coffee vs. Tea
  56. Horror movies vs. Thrillers
  57. Illusive World vs. Cruel Reality
  58. 2D Animation vs. 3D Animation
  59. Disney vs. Pixar Studio
  60. Monsters vs. Aliens
  61. Littering vs. Recycling
  62. Long Lasting Album and Single
  63. Wild Animals vs. Pets
  64. Artificial Intellect vs. Humanity
  65. Enemies and Friends
  66. Martial Arts vs. Meditation
  67. Victory vs. Defeat
  68. Pablo Picasso vs. Salvador Dali
  69. Contemporary Art vs. Avant-Gardism
  70. Capital Punishment vs. Life Sentence
  71. Empiric Methods vs. Surveys
  72. New York vs. Tokyo
  73. Airplanes vs. Zeppelins
  74. Differences between Schizophrenia and Split Personality
  75. Cash vs. Cards
  76. Dissertation vs. Thesis
  77. Shopping Online vs. Traditional Method
  78. Myopia and Hyperopia
  79. Vegan vs. Meat Eaters
  80. Rockers vs. Rappers
  81. Fans vs. Haters
  82. Sports motorcycles vs. Sports Cars
  83. Excellent Pupils vs. Underachievers
  84. NPP vs. HPP
  85. West Coast vs. East Coast: Bands’ Wars
  86. Mafia vs. Yakuza
  87. Cigarettes and Vapes
  88. Windows vs. Macintosh
  89. IOS vs. Android
  90. Oxford vs. Cambridge
  91. Storms and Tornadoes
  92. Plague vs. Smallpox
  93. XX Century vs. XXI Century
  94. Jesus Christ and Judas
  95. Ancient Civilizations vs. Modern Countries
  96. Oil vs. Coal
  97. Adolf Hitler vs. Napoleon Bonaparte
  98. Superstitions vs. Rational Thought
  99. Superheroes vs. Ordinary People
  100. High-Heels vs. Orthopedic Shoes
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