100 Easy and Exciting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

compare and contrast essay topics

If you are required to write this type of work, first of all you must select an interesting subject to attract your readers. For most people, picking a good subject can be a real problem, because in this paper you need to compare two things that have their differences and similarities. Are you feel stuck with picking a topic for your future essay? In our article we want to share with you a list of 100 compare and contract essay topics for college students. Feel free to read all topics and make a bright and exciting essay!

  1. Buying a house and renting a flat.
  2. To study English language and to learn Turkish.
  3. Your flat and the house of your dream.
  4. Schools 20 years ago and nowadays.
  5. Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
  6. Paper newspapers and reading electronic books.
  7. Fast food and expensive restaurants.
  8. Fancy vehicle and classic car.
  9. Life in small town and life in huge city.
  10. Theater premiere or new movie in cinema.
  11. Traditional schools and online studying.
  12. Homemade pizza and pizzeria.
  13. Junk food and healthy food.
  14. American government and UK government.
  15. Newspapers and radio.
  16. Microsoft and Apple.
  17. Laptops and computers.
  18. EBay and Amazon.
  19. Orange juice and Fanta.
  20. Gasoline car and diesel car.
  21. Beer and alcohol cocktail.
  22. Living in house alone and living in a family.
  23. Child-free couples and families with many children.
  24. PlayStation and Xbox.
  25. Engaged couple and married couple.
  26. Plastic package and paper bag.
  27. Skype and WhatsApp.
  28. Chatting to people on Internet or communicating in reality.
  29. Home pets and wild animals.
  30. Vegetables from farmer markets and from local stores.
  31. Brand clothes or cheap clothes.
  32. Buying things in the store and online.
  33. Traveling to the sea and to mountains.
  34. Learning to walk and learning to swim.
  35. Winter holidays and summer vacation.
  36. Diet and obesity.
  37. Being a mother and being a father.
  38. Marriage and divorcing.
  39. Animals today and 100 years ago.
  40. Catholicism and Christians.
  41. Your current life and life you dream to have.
  42. Swimming and exercising in gym.
  43. Working at the office and freelance work.
  44. Traditional medicine and alternative medicine.
  45. To work as a doctor and to work as a fireman.
  46. Civil union and official marriage.
  47. Divorced and legally separated.
  48. To have a brother and to have a sister.
  49. Going to the cinema or watch a movie at home.
  50. Going to the cafe or eating at home.
  51. Outdoor swimming pool and indoor pool.
  52. A vacation you had and a vacation of your dream.
  53. Playing tennis on Xbox and in reality.
  54. Reality TV shows and soap operas.
  55. Figure skating and dancing.
  56. Bach and Mozart.
  57. Classic music and pop music.
  58. Talking to parents and talking to friends.
  59. Vegetarians and vegans.
  60. The happiest day in life and the saddest day.
  61. A cat and a god at the same house.
  62. To have a child and to have a pet.
  63. Instagram and Facebook.
  64. Photos of people and photos of food.
  65. Traditional cosmetics and natural cosmetics.
  66. Smartphones and first phones.
  67. Single dads and single moms.
  68. Being a daughter and being a son.
  69. Listening to radio and watching TV.
  70. Playing football and watching a game on the stadium.
  71. Drinking beer with friends and dating with a girl.
  72. Color photos and b/w photos.
  73. Top 10 popular sports 100 years ago and today.
  74. Modern kids and kids that lived in 1900.
  75. To buy tasty food and to buy brand clothes.
  76. To be single and to have a partner.
  77. To be a woman and to be a man.
  78. Yacht and a motor marina.
  79. White and black people.
  80. Religion and philosophy.
  81. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.
  82. Psychiatrist and psychologist.
  83. Bus and taxi.
  84. Driving a car and bicycle.
  85. Living in a house and living in a flat.
  86. Sugar and salt.
  87. Drugs and alcohol.
  88. Widowed woman and divorced woman.
  89. Comic books and funny movies.
  90. Dating online and dating in real life.
  91. Cooking in ancient times and nowadays.
  92. Being poor to being ill.
  93. A good worker and a bad worker.
  94. A good school teacher and a bad school teacher.
  95. Harry Potter — a book and a movie.
  96. Emails and messengers communication.
  97. The influence of parents and the influence of teachers.
  98. Working as a surgeon and working as an auto-mechanic.
  99. Falling in love and riding a roller coaster.
  100. Being in a jail and being a patient of a psychiatry hospital.

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